Broken Air Conditioning

Broken Air Conditioning

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Climatize UK, experts in the installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems, are here to advise you on the consequences of broken air conditioning, and how to deal with it.

The consequences of broken air conditioning

Health and safety

It is imperative that your air conditioning units are regularly maintained both to help to prevent breakdowns and to ensure that they do not have refrigerant leeks. As refrigerant leeks are potentially harmful to yourself and your customers and can cause further damage to your units if left undiagnosed. 


Having a working environment that’s the correct temperature makes a massive difference to the ability of your workforce to get tasks completed efficiently and correctly. Similarly, any customers will be put off by the uncomfortable temperatures that are a result of broken air conditioning.

How to deal with broken air conditioning

In the case of air conditioning, it’s far better to avoid the problem in the first place than have to fix it when time’s tight and the work may interfere with the productivity of your business.

The best way to manage any issues with your conditioning systems is to choose a reliable company to install equipment best suited to your needs, and designed taking into account the architecture, functionality, and use of your particular premises.

Climatize UK do just this, installing cutting edge air conditioning systems that have a low chance of breakdown because of their professional adaptation to the specific situation at hand.

The second way to avoid broken air conditioning is to maintain and service it regularly and professionally. This is another area in which Climatize UK are experts, providing flexible maintenance options to ensure that your equipment is always running smoothly and is far less likely to break down unexpectedly.

Lastly, Climatize UK offer 24-hour callout to deal with any broken air conditioning issues, seven days a week, by expertly qualified engineers.